Welcome to Obayashi’s Silicon Valley Ventures & Laboratory (SVVL).

Obayashi SVVL, Inc. is an organization in Silicon Valley to collaborate with partners (Research Institutes, Startups) holding technologies in “Construction tech” and “Built Environment tech” which will bring innovative process to construction industry and built environment. To accelerate implementation in construction sites and built environment market, we have provided our partners with opportunities to test PoC/MVP in actual sites and collect data for productization and market development since 2017. We have experienced development of innovative products in Silicon Valley way such as Construction project tracking system with 360 degree camera and construction image AI, Cyber/physical inspection system, Management system for autonomous construction heavy machine, Generative design cloud system, Powered Clothing, etc.


Our mission is to create a new value in construction process and built environment by applying technologies such as AI / IoT / Robotics / Vision (Reality Capture) / Cloud / Generative design / 3D printing, etc. To realize our mission, we continue to challenge executing followings with partners;

  • Co-development with startups and research institutes
  • Equity investment for strategic partnership
  • Business development in Construction and Built Environment market